About Us

MY & MI is the market leader in the importation, distribution, and retail of premium cigars.

MY & MI is the market leader in the importation, distribution, and retail of premium cigars. With goods imported from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and Brazil, we are the only company in Slovakia with a cigar portfolio that will satisfy the needs of each and every cigar lover. In our stores, you can choose from a variety of cigars – from the mildest to the strongest – competitively priced for both familiar brands, and limited editions by renowned producers for your special moments.

We offer over 600 hand-rolled cigars and believe that every customer will find what they are looking for. As the only company in Slovakia with a cigar portfolio for each and every cigar aficionado, we tightly cooperate with cigar producers and participate in international workshops, exhibitions, and trainings. It is due to these ongoing efforts that you can find in our stores not only exquisite cigars but also a team of experts who understand cigars – from the tobacco seed to the last puff. They will gladly help you choose the right cigar, or advise you on cigar smoking and storage.


In the recent years, our company has become a key player in the international market and – thanks to intense cooperation with multiple cigar producers – has also become a central logistical warehouse for European, Asian, and African countries. Today we supply cigars to more than 120 partners in over 65 countries on 4 continents.

Our partners include, but are not limited to, J.C. Newman, A.J. Fernandez, A. Turrent, and Santa Clara. These partnerships are why we have access to an exceptionally wide range of goods.

The company MY & MI was founded in 1993 by Miroslav Bajtoš, who has been dedicated to building it up the past 25 years, and has made it the most successful cigar company in Slovakia. Since 2015, he manages the company along with his son, Maroš Bajtoš.


Tobacco has been enjoyed during special moments for centuries -- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family and friends' reunions, each being an opportunity to enjoy exceptional tobacco. Our company believes that even in these tumultuous time high-quality premium tobacco has its place. We have specialized in premium tobacco since 1996. By the end of the last millennium we started importing hand-rolled cigars and started distributing premium cigars to chains of newsagent shops, hotels, restaurants, and bars. However, these were not places apt to sell high-quality goods and therefore we decided to open a shop where every tobacco lover would find the product they have been seeking. In 2008 and 2009 further stores followed: we opened two stores in Bratislava – one on Šancova street and one on Michalska street; in 2013, we opened a shop in Banska Bystrica.

Our flag store on Stara Vajnorska street, Bratislava had its grand opening in 2015. Here, our customers can chose from the complete portfolio of over 600 types of premium cigars stored in the largest humidor in central Europe. Gradually, we have become one of the important companies in the industry – not only in the Slovak market but in the global cigar market. Our cigar suppliers decided to utilize our storage and logistic services, and we now operate as the central warehouse for multiple renowned suppliers. Today we deliver cigars domestically, and export to 120 partners in over 65 countries on 4 continents.


If you are looking for a reliable provider of premium cigars, cigarillos, and high-quality pipe tobacco we are definitely the best choice, and we are proud to offer you the largest portfolio of cigars on stock. We have been distributing premium tobacco products since 1996, and have since become the largest distributor of hand-rolled cigars and the second largest distributor of cigarillos in Slovakia.We regularly partake in international workshops and can hence warranty that our tobacco products are among the best and most interesting choices available on the market.

We are dedicated to remaining current on reviews from prestigious cigar magazines, such as Cigar Journal and Cigar Aficionado, so we can advise you on new products and cigars appreciated by experts.Our cigars are stored under professionally controlled conditions so that we can deliver confidently to you a perfect product.

Storage and Logistics

Long delivery periods and costly air transportation of goods forced cigar-producing countries to operate warehouses closer to their target markets so as to have products immediately ready for delivery. Also, storage and logistics of tobacco products must strictly adhere to the rules and legislations of the EU provisions, including, but not limited to, the operation of bonded warehouses, shipping of goods within EMCS system, or the shipment of goods outside of the EU.Therefore, multiple corporate partners and cigar producers have decided to use our storage facilities as their main storage premises for Europe, Asia, and Africa, and to rely on our logistics services.

Our company prides itself with more than 10 years of experience in the export of goods to clients both within and outside of Europe. No matter where you are, we warranty that there will be no unexpected surprises. With a rich history within the cigar industry, we have developed a reputation of professionalism and standardization in our storage and logistics, which makes us a reliable choice for over 120 partners in more than 65 countries in 4 continents, which include names such as J.C. Newman, A.J. Fernandez, A. Turrent, Santa Clara, and many other. If you would like to join in on these big names by making use of our logistics services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at trade@myami.sk.

Sommelier Services

Looking for a cigar sommelier for your event? You are on the correct page. Our company has been importing, distributing, and selling cigars for 20 years plus. During all this time, we have been visiting the countries that produce cigars many times a year – inspecting both their fields and their factories. We have been through numerous trainings, workshops, and expert discourses with cigar producers, often directly in their fields. These are the reasons why our cigar sommeliers are the ideal choice for your event: They will not only help you pick a cigar – and a drink to accompany it – but can complement the experience with information about cigar production and novelties.

That we have the largest cigar portfolio in Slovakia is of no doubt - from the mildest to the strongest tobacco products - from all price ranges with diverse tastes, and from all important cigar-producing countries; and the real aficionados can pick from a variety of limited editions from well-known producers. Our cigars will lend your event a tinge of luxury and delight for your guests. For orders over EUR 800 (without VAT), we provide you our sommelier services for free.


Production, storage, and smoking of cigars is an art. Cigars definitely do not belong to the realm of soulless produce churned out in millions by machines. The cigar-producing process in its entirety involves over 200 pairs of hands. It would be a pity to spoil the result of such laborious grandeur with unskilled storage or incorrect manipulation.

To preserve the correct taste and provide the greatest relish, cigars must be stored following the strictest storage and serving rules.

You can find a lot of information on Internet, including our blog https://domcigar.sk/clanky. However, if you need help, we will happily guide you through the process. We offer a wide range of consultation services no matter whether you need basic instructions on how to operate and maintain your humidor, training of your staff, or cigar sommelier training, we warranty to provide professional and expert information. Our training staff regularly participates in international specialized workshops directly on producers' premises and can hence provide a lot of interesting information first hand, be it concerning growing and processing of the tobacco, cigar production and storage, or smoking itself.